Buy Facebook Ads VCC


Description of our Facebook Ads VCC-

  • Goes with any name and address
  • Maybe you’ll get a chance to reload the card again
  • Can be used for running Facebook ads only
  • Visa Prepaid Debit Card issued by dependable USA bank
  • The card can be used just after receiving
  • Minimum one top-up each month
  • For more details, knock us

Things you will get-

  • Card number delivered by e-mail
  • Additional information, if you are looking for paying Facebook for running your ads, let us know about it. We’ll send you the card as soon as possible through e-mail.

Buy Facebook Ads VCC

You may know about VCC as a medium of virtual transaction. It is used to verify Facebook ads accounts. So, buy Facebook ads VCC  to verify your FB ads account within a second.

Nowadays, you know Facebook has become an excellent platform for displaying different ads from different corners of the earth. So, there is no effective competitor to Facebook for new business ideas. You can explore your business by advertising it with the help of Facebook ads.

Buy Facebook Ads VCC


What Is Facebook Ads VCC?

Facebook Ads VCC is used as a transaction medium for Facebook. It is only usable for Facebook account verification. It supports any billing system and this is the most convenient matter for you.  But you would not be able to get the money back after purchasing it.

However, it works as fast as it can. We see, many alternatives usually take a long time to transact any billing method for a Facebook campaign, whereas it takes almost a minute which is pretty good.

The VCC mainly comes as a 16 digit number. Basically, this is the card number. And you will get related information as well.

From Where You Can Buy Facebook VCC?

You can buy a virtual credit card from any third-party website or any definite website. But here, we are going to mention a third-party website through which you can buy VCC.

Still, there are more websites that provide VCC for Facebook ads. Here is an advanced tip. You can buy your VCC using the Coinbase billing system as well as the deposit system. In this case, you have to purchase bitcoins from another third-party website by transaction method. There are a plethora of platforms available to buy and sell Bitcoins.

How to Buy Facebook Ads VCC?

It is a great deal to promote your business via Facebook ads. Because it is cheap and reachable to customers within a short time and its traffic is very much convertible. As Facebook does not allow any virtual master card to promote anything, so buy VCC for Facebook ads. We’ll show the process below.

  • Go to our website. We are a virtual credit card platform. You can buy VCC from our site.
  • Now, Sign up in the software. If you already have signed up on this site, then just log in
  • Enter Full name, Email Address, and country.
  • You have to add a Phone number and provide a password.
  • Now, Confirm the password.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions. After reading the whole, give a tick mark on the box.
  • Now tap Sign Up.
  • Open Dashboard. Select Add fund.
  • Then select a deposit system. You can use PayPal, or PM, or coin base.
  • You have to have a balance on your deposit method.
  • Now, tap Create Virtual Card.
  • There will be two options: Visa card and Mastercard. Master Card is not available, but you can select a Visa Card.
  • Now, select a package. You can choose a package with your choice. We will show you about the packages below.
  • Enter the top-up amount whatever amount you want to keep in your card.
  • Then, enter the card holder’s name.
  • Now, tap Create.
  • Review the final work and Confirm
  • Now you see the card you created at the Virtual card list
  • Tap View Card. You will see the information on your card.

This is the process.

Know about Pricing

Go back to the homepage of Here is a button named Pricing. Have a look at it. There are two pricing criteria.

One is a reliable card, and the other is a non-reliable card. A reliable card is open to refunding money, but a non-reliable card is not allowed to do so.

Their prices are also different. You can find a non-reliable card charge of $7.4 for a year validity.

However, the Reliable card charge is $70 for four years of validity.


Can I use the same VCC for Facebook ads and Google ads accounts?

  1. Some VCC are prohibited for Google ads accounts. These are only for particular platforms.

Is there any restriction to billing information when buying VCC?

No. If you want to buy a virtual credit card, you can add any virtual master cards as the site’s preference.

Am I eligible to withdraw money from Facebook ads VCC?

Sorry to say no. It is only for payment purposes.

Can I use a card for a different account?

You cannot do it. Actually, only one card is eligible to use for one particular account.

Can I purchase VCC from a different platform? Will it be worth it?

Definitely, it will be worth it. But you have to identify if the seller’s site is fake or real. Then you can make a choice.


To conclude, it is indeed the necessity of a virtual credit card that is much appreciated. Because, the world is changing its traditional point of view. So, buy Facebook ads VCC for your new concept of business and make it reachable to anyone.

Explore with your business idea and promote the ideas through Facebook users. As it is the cheapest way of tracking customers, use the medium with its full potential.

Good luck with your virtual journey! Any problem? Contact Us


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