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What is Pinterest Ads?

Pinterest is a search engine and social media platform that allows its users to find, save, and share new ideas. Pinterest advertising is a method for firms and organizations to advertise their products on the site.

Promoted Pins are a form of Pinterest Advertisements. Because retargeting ads utilize data from websites, Promoted Pins appear based on their users’ interests, past activity, and actions on websites.

Pinterest combines search engine and social media to create a powerful marketing tool that understands their target audience, such as curating taste or anticipating trends before they emerge.

300 million monthly users, 98 percent of people have tried something new they discovered on Pinterest, 84 percent conduct their purchasing research on the platform, and 77 percent discover a new brand or product.

Pinterest advertising may be beneficial for a variety of businesses. Even firms who believe Pinterest demographics are not appropriate for them might discover that under the huge user base that Pinterest reaches, there is a lucrative target audience to expand their profits online.

Pinterest marketing can help you reach more people with your digital marketing efforts.

Pinterest is a one-of-a-kind social media platform for businesses to use in their social media marketing. Pinterest also serves as an alternative search engine, allowing a firm to promote itself further and gain more traffic, sales, and brand recognition by means of optimized materials.

Understanding how Pinterest works is important in devising a good approach for utilizing it for your company. We’ll go through the advantages of Pinterest and why incorporating it into your marketing plan is so essential.

Why Use Pinterest Ads?

Unlike other well-known social media networks, Google’s Google+ is unique. Many people don’t utilize the network to share material with their followers – instead, they use it to store goods, ideas, and information for future reference.

Since many individuals store items to purchase later, Pinterest is an excellent platform for businesses that provide products or information. In reality, according to a recent survey, 93 percent of users intend purchases on Pinterest, and 87% do so because of something they discover on the site.

Another important distinction between Pinterest and other social media platforms is the way content is presented. Users may view pins on Pinterest in a variety of ways, some of which are not available on other networks:

  • By viewing your profile,
  • When you’re looking for a relevant term,
  • In the appropriate categories
  • If they like what you’re sharing on your home feed or if your pins are relevant to their interests, they’ll see it.

Pinterest is also distinct in that when someone pins a Promoted Pin, it shows up in their feeds as well, which naturally leads to greater interaction and increased sales. Although sponsored advertising are intended to run for a limited time, the Pins themselves live on indefinitely, ensuring that your advertisements will continue to appear in front of people. After launching a Promoted Pin campaign, advertisers may expect an average of 20% more clicks than they would with traditional paid advertising.

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Advantages of Pinterest Ads

You may contact wealthy millennial women

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Pinterest is the most popular social network for millenials. With an estimated 35 percent of the world’s population, it has a high density of adult Internet users who make more than $75k per year.

The second largest group is also the most engaged, with 54 million monthly active users on Facebook and Instagram alone. However, because Pinterest has between 2 to 4 times as many monthly active users as Instagram and Facebook, a comparison isn’t fair.

What’s more intriguing is that 10% of Pinterest users earn over $125K each year, and active pinners have a 9% higher annual income than non-users. This clearly indicates that there’s a tiny yet wealthy part of their user base whose revenue may be attractive to you.

Another interesting detail that appeals to ad buyers is that 67% of Pinners are under the age of 40. If you sell items to a younger demographic, Pinterest may be an excellent location for your advertising. This isn’t much of a surprise, as 90% of youngsters use social media.

Even with this factored in, though, there are still 33% of Pinners who are over 40 years old, indicating that if you market goods to an older demographic, Pinterest may still help you attract qualified visitors.

For example, Jog5 used the Promoted App Pins to boost downloads and increase signup rates by 5% and 50%, respectively, compared to other social media sites. They achieved these outstanding outcomes while lowering their CPM to 90%.

Pinterest, like most social networks, has a significant female presence, with 71 percent of their total user base being female. Women make up 60 percent of Pinterest’s current signups. Still, Pinterest differs from the other social media sites in one respect: women account for 92 percent of all pins.

While Google+ and Twitter followers are more direct, Facebook likes and tweets are not. As a result, Pinterest is mostly utilized by women. This makes even more sense when you consider that an active female user’s average Pins are 158, 15 times greater than those made by a male user.

Ad buyers can look to Pinterest as a goldmine for affluent female millennials.

If your product is high-quality and relatively expensive, it’s easy to visualize yourself as a Pinterest celebrity. This may be particularly useful for e-commerce companies that cater to high-end items, especially in the food and home décor industries, two of the most popular Pinterest categories.

After improving their Pinterest approach, DaWanda, a marketplace for gifts and handmade products, was able to boost referral traffic by nearly 100%. This traffic was also able to generate sales; the typical order value from Pinterest being 13% higher than the average order value on other social media platforms. The greatest news is that this traffic was capable of generating purchases.

After that, it’s worth noting that Pinterest’s advertising platform is only available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.Despite these difficulties, Pinterest still represents a highly appealing market for businesses with a youthful and affluent client base, as you can see.

Pinterest is a multi-funnel marketing channel.

Many marketers focus on social media sites only at the top of their acquisition funnel. Its primary function is to attract visitors and raise awareness. They then try to bring in traffic either to a landing page or a product page, with the goal of encouraging them to make a purchase or sign up.

This funnel’s complexity stems from its many moving pieces, which can be costly and difficult to manage. A marketer would need to employ numerous tools such as Google Ads tools, landing page builders, and webinar platforms in order to generate a lead or sale through this funnel.

This is inadequate, as you can see.

Facebook Ads, on the other hand, may be used across the entire marketing funnel: from generating awareness to increasing the intent to buy to completing a transaction. Pinterest is one of the most important marketing tools for a variety of products, particularly fashion, in which it touches consumers at all stages of their purchasing journey.

Promoted Pins were used by a Chicago-based sock brand called Royal to promote their products, which had previously shown success on other platforms as well as their company keywords in order to boost awareness.

Living Royal doubled their referral traffic in just one month after investing in Promoted Pins. Furthermore, their conversion rate was 40% higher and their CPA was 31% lower than those from other comparable channels.

Pinterest has been developing a visual search tool for their users to find items with photographs straight from their phones, because this full-funnel marketing channel explains why Pinterest has been investing in a visual search tool that allows consumers to search for goods using photos right from their phones. Users of Pinterest can purchase anything they want on a whim with this sort of investment. As a result, Pinterest might establish itself as a serious rival to Facebook and Snapchat.

Pinterest’s Rich Pins were used by, an online furniture retailer, to assist customers learn more about their goods. Rich Pins function similarly to normal pins but include additional information, including the product name, price, and availability (much more like an advertisement).

For an e-commerce business, these little touches might make a significant difference since they may encourage people to act. increased their referral traffic by 36% thanks to the use of Rich Pins. Rich Pins also aided in the growth of conversion rate by 51 percent, transactions by 106 percent, and revenue by 173%.

E-commerce is well suited for use with Pinterest.

It’s been proved over and again that photos drive e-commerce purchases. There’s no doubting that Pinterest is well suited to e-commerce firms because it is primarily visual.

Pinterest was initially a place where people and businesses could publish, collect, and distribute new goods and concepts. However, since the introduction of their advertising platform, Pinterest has been able to reinvent itself as a location where companies can boost sales.

“Pinner consumers are just as likely to buy as users from other social media platforms, but spend 50% more on average than people referred by non-social channels, including search. They also spend 20% more than non-social channel consumers.”

According to a recent study from YouGov, the majority of Pinners have purchased something based on Pinterest. But this isn’t just good news for internet retailers. 86% of active pinners said they used it to plan their purchases, as well as 72% of Pinterest users who use it to decide what to buy offline.

We may safely claim that Pinterest is a trigger for purchases based on all of this information. If you can get a potential customer to view your items on Pinterest, it might result in an eventual sale.

Because of Pinterest, Ezra Firestone, world-class marketer and owner of Boom By Cindy Joseph, was able to generate $21,969 in income from 520 sales by investing just $775.50 on Pinterest Ads. He also doubled his other sources of income as a result of Pinterest, including direct and organic traffic.

Pinterest has a few more options to make this process better, one of which is Promoted Pins. Pinterest believes that people who engage with a Promoted Pin spend 7 times more than others. Furthermore, new consumers are responsible for 70% of sales generated as a result of Promoted Pins.

This implies that you can get new consumers who are ready and eager to spend money from promoted pins.

Pinterest Ads have helped a lot of Etsy sellers boost their sales. Rachel Ball, for example, runs an online store that sells modern, minimalist jewelry. Rachel’s views per week rose by 22% after she began using Pinterest to advertise her business.

The most significant take-away from this story is that Pinterest is a highly effective acquisition channel.

Pinterest is an excellent social media platform for e-commerce businesses to target young, wealthy millennials. You should begin utilizing Pinterest if you have an e-commerce store and want a full-funnel channel that targets younger, more affluent people.

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