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Description of our Prepaid Mastercard-

  • This is a prepaid card.
  • It can be used with any location.
  • It comes with a specific date of expiring.
  • You can reload the card before it expires.
  • The amount loaded in the card is not refundable.
  • You can use it multiple times. Thus it reduces the hazard of buying VCCs again and again.
  • For you, if you need virtual credit cards frequently.
  • Safe and secure transactions.

Things you will get-

  • 16-digit card number.
  • Additional information.
  • Date of expiring.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
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Buy Prepaid MasterCard

You can limit your online shopping by using prepaid MasterCard. It is a debit card that requires a preloading service to use the card. You can spend the exact amount you load on the card. As a result, there is no chance of overspending crossing your budget.

Besides, this outstanding prepaid MasterCard offers easy online reload opportunities or you can top up using an ATM. To avoid the cycle of loan you should buy prepaid MasterCard.  It allows using your own money, unlike a traditional credit card.

Moreover, it is the safest & easy way to make online transactions. However, you can enjoy some excellent features by using prepaid MasterCard. Let’s explore it.

Buy Prepaid Mastercard


What is Prepaid MasterCard?

A prepaid MasterCard is more like a gift card to do your online shopping. It is the easiest & secure payment method for online shopping. The best part is using a prepaid MasterCard has no risk of leaking personal data.

Besides, a prepaid card requires pre-loading to use it. As a result, you can limit your shopping by loading the particular shopping amount. So you can protect data, avoid overspending & easily make payments for global shopping. Even if your card is stolen, you don’t need to worry about information. It is safe & secure.

The great advantage of using prepaid MasterCard is it’s easy to load & use. You can reload it from online, ATM, or physical store. Also, you don’t need any bank account to make online payments. So it is a convenient way to shop online.

What are the Uses of Prepaid MasterCard?

  • Online shopping payment
  • Bill payments
  • Local or global payment

Features You Should Consider of Prepaid MasterCard

Is it worth buying a prepaid MasterCard or not? Let’s explore its advanced features to make the right decision.

  • Acceptance

Prepaid MasterCard is famous for making online payments. Because it is accepted worldwide. From groceries to big e-commerce you can pay through MasterCard. It never limits your store to buy products. Rather you can enjoy a robust marketplace.

  • Secure

The best part is MasterCard is more secure than any other credit card. It strictly protects your personal information. It offers zero liability protection to ensure safe & hassle-free payments.

  • Limit overspending

Set your shopping budget & load the exact amount in your prepaid MasterCard. You can’t pay more of your own loading money. As a result, it protects you from overspending. This card is a great solution to keep you on budget.

  • Global payment

Often, you can’t buy your favorite products due to payment complexity in the case of overseas items. But the prepaid MasterCard allows both global & local payment to offer a convenient payment system.

  • No Extra fees

You will be glad to know that prepaid MasterCard won’t charge any extra charge for your payments.

  • Reload

The great advantage of using prepaid MasterCard is it’s easy to load & use. You can reload it from online, ATM, or physical store. Also, you don’t need any bank account to make online payments. So it is a convenient way to shop online.

Things You’ll Get to Buy Prepaid MasterCard

  • A customized design card
  • Card Number
  • Security Code
  • PIN
  • Expiration Date

How much does it cost to buy a Prepaid MasterCard?

MasterCard brings different types of prepaid MasterCard to meet your versatile needs. Among them, the most popular is PayPal Prepaid MasterCard.

It offers different packs at a variety of fees. As a beginner, you should pay $4.95 per month & it will automatically be deducted from your card balance after top-up. If you load your card using an ATM, you need to pay $1.95 as ATM fees.

How to use Prepaid MasterCard?

After buying prepaid MasterCard simply, load it at a particular amount. You can load it from the nearest ATM or online.

After loading cash on your card, now you are ready to use your card.

Find your favorite items & pay your bill using the card details like a traditional credit card. It is an automatic process. The only difference here is the payment is your own money.


Can I send a Prepaid MasterCard as a gift?

Prepaid MasterCard is more like a gift card. It allows customizing design cards to make them a perfect gift card. You can easily fix the credit amount to send it as a gift to an online shopper.

How long is my prepaid MasterCard Valid?

When you purchase a prepaid MasterCard, you will receive an expiry date with the card.

Before the expiry date, you need to load your card. It will allow you nearly four months to redeem it. Otherwise, you can’t use it. After top-up the card, it is usable for 12 months after buying.

How can I check my Prepaid Card balance?

It’s fun to check your prepaid card balance by using a virtual wallet on your Smartphone. Download virtual wallet & add your prepaid card. Now, you can check your balance, spending everything from the wallet.

Where is prepaid MasterCard accepted?

Prepaid MasterCard is accepted by most of the shops, from groceries to big e-commerce. It is globally accepted by more than 25 million stores.

Final Verdict

You can buy prepaid MasterCard to avoid overspending on shopping. It deducted your shopping amount immediately from your card balance. You can’t cross your available money while using prepaid MasterCard. That’s a great tool to do some savings & shop within a budget.

Besides, it is the convenient & safest way to make global payment. A prepaid MasterCard is a must to enjoy hassle-free & secure shopping. It is a perfect gift for online shoppers. Any help? Contact us.

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